Older Boy's girlfriend broke up with him yesterday.  He has really been stewing about it.  He has reached out to his youth group leader and both of his mentors to talk about it.  Last night after he talked to both mentors he talked to me about it as well.

He is remorseful for writing her a note telling her how angry he is.  He is also very sad.  I am saddened, because it truly seems as though his heart is broken.

I am also a little bit baffled by the whole thing.  First of all...Older Boy has been diagnosed as not able to show remorse or attach.  I am witnessing him do both tonight.  He is sad.  He wishes he wouldn't have written her an ugly note.  Both of those things shouldn't be happening.

Everyone who talked to him shared basically the same things from what I can tell of his view of the topic.  He still has a large amount of guilt associated with the note he wrote.  He plans to apologize in person to her tomorrow.  He said he already wrote her a note and he thinks he needs to use words for this.

Praises for glimpses of attachment and remorse. 

Prayers for his broken heart.
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