Tonight there were student led conferences at Younger Boy's school.  I generally hate the conference which are student led.  Tonight I was glad he was there.

We met with the first teacher.  His science teacher.  She asked him how his assignment from that day was going and if he had any questions.  What assignment?  He didn't know he had an assignment.  He is supposed to be reviewing and answering questions EVERY NIGHT for science.  He hasn't done it yet this year.  He has a research paper, model, and presentation due on Monday.  He claimed to know NOTHING of it.

Next was his math teacher and his IEP holder together.  He is missing math assignments.  Again a question about whether or not his assignment from that day was done.  They both said they weren't given enough time in class to do the work so he should have it.  He claimed he didn't know.  He also claimed he had turned in a late assignment to the teacher that day.  She checked the box while we were there.  No assignment.

Next reading.  Not bad, except he spends the majority of the class taking apart and putting together his pens.  They are requesting he only uses No. 2 pencils in their room.

Social Studies.  He has a major report due the first week of December about a country in Africa.  Also another three current events due at the end of November.  He could do those any time now.  This teacher advised him to not wait until the last minute, because he wouldn't be able to finish.

Language Arts.  This one was crazy.  Today the teacher had to stop the class because of Younger Boy.  While the teacher was teaching he took his glasses off, pulled his hood up, put his head down and went to sleep.  So the teacher stopped class.  He talked to Younger Boy about doing appropriate writing.  Apparently every time he has to present in class he writes the story of the scar on his head.  The teacher and I talked to him about needing to be in the present and only writing things that are not just "his business".

When we got done I was flabbergasted.  Younger Boy just sat there and said he "didn't know" he had homework.  The teachers aren't fair and they don't like him.  That is NONE of what I heard.  What I heard is that he is not meeting his obligations as a student, but they all think he is respectful and a joy to be around.

I think they were SHOCKED when they heard him directly lying to me about the homework as they sat there.  His IEP holder gave me a look at one point like "this is crazy".  She finally said "Come on, Younger Boy.  You are better than this."

I am so irritated.  I am tired of the continual lies.  Continual lies.
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