Middle Boy TOLD me tonight he will be coming home from school later and wouldn't be able to do a daily task.

His Branching Out coordinator is going to get him a job.

I told him I have to approve of his getting a job and it isn't going to happen until he is meeting his responsibilities for at least THREE months.  That means no missing assignments at school or therapy.

I am irrational.  He NEEDS money.  There are things he wants that no one will buy him.  I asked him to name some.  Nothing came to mind.  He just kept insisting he didn't want to be a burden.

I asked him to go through his schedule and tell me when he is planning to work.  Here's what he came up with for availability:

Monday - 5PM to 9PM
Tuesday - 5PM to 9PM
Sunday - 1PM to 4PM

He doesn't want to work Friday or Saturday, because those need to remain open for social things that come up.

He is planning to work 30 hours a week though.  I didn't even bother to point out to him that he only listed 11 hours of availability.

I did point out his availability would have to coincide with mine, because until he has a car I will have to take him to work.  He said his coordinator is going to work that out for him and he won't have to rely on me.

Prayers he will understand this is important and you have to be responsible and follow the directions of others.  He doesn't currently NEED a job.

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