My presentation was part of a Pumpkin "Tree" lighting ceremony.  Over the course of the day one of the foster care agencies here in town carved pumpkins at a local mall.  Each pumpkin represented one of the kids in our state foster care system available for adoption.  1033 in all.

They were put in the shape of a HUGE tree and each had a light inserted.

The campaign this year was to increase the number of people willing to foster teenagers.  More importantly willing to adopt them from the system.

I talked about my experience with the boys.  I felt my throat catch once, but I didn't cry.  I saw lots of tears in the audience and talked to people wiping away tears when they asked me questions.

I was interviewed by a couple of news outlets.

If I touched one was worth it.

Praises for a great turnout and an attentive audience.  Prayers for lives changed.
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