Because there was still a pillow in the kitchen and because he doesn't always think things through, Younger Boy decided to swing a pillow back and forth through the kitchen and dining room on the way to putting it away in the family room.

He made it about five feet before he hit a glass drinking glass and shattered it into about a MILLION pieces.

They were EVERYWHERE.  They were stuck in the pillow.  They were on the table.  On the counter.  On the chairs.  On the floor.  In the carpet.  EVERYWHERE.

This was a trigger for Younger Boy.  Screaming "I f*** everything up.  I don't deserve a family."  Stomping.  Punching his mattress. 

It is a broken glass.  He didn't burn the house down.  Even if he did...he still deserves a family.

It was a mess.  He was a mess.  Middle Boy was a mess, because he HATES when Younger Boy says those things (even though he says them himself).  Sophie was a mess, because we had to put her in her kennel until we got it all cleaned up.

Another reminder triggers are EVERYWHERE and there is still a lot of healing left to do.
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