Younger Boy's youth group came home from the conference early due to the weather.

He called to let me know they would be leaving after the Saturday evening session and they would be home really late.

Of course, Middle Boy didn't let me talk to Younger Boy.  He just told him "That's stupid.  We aren't coming to get you in the middle of the night."

Wait a minute.  Are you the parent?  You don't make those decisions. are almost NEVER in bed at the time they are going to get back so what do you care?

I said it nicer than that, but I was thinking those words.

He THREW A FIT.  How can I say we are going to go get him?  He is inconveniencing us.  This wasn't the plan.

It was UGLY for about 30 minutes.

I think it boiled down to "this is not what I thought the schedule was going to be and I don't like surprises/changes".

Pray Middle Boy will learn to trust and be able to deal with some spontaneity.
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