Middle Boy is a MASTER at manipulating situations where he has done something wrong to twist it around to be my fault.

We discussed his behavior of last night.  He thought it was justified, because he was "helping a friend" and that is the right thing to do.

I asked why he didn't AT A MINIMUM wake me to tell me he was leaving.  "Because I was sleeping soundly and he knew I had been exhausted."  Besides...he wasn't going to be gone long.  What?  You are SIXTEEN.  It is the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT.  You MUST tell me where you are going.

In his opinion it is completely ridiculous that I want to know where he is at all times.  I am "over the top."

Then we were discussing the girl.  He kept insisting he told me what happened and the story wasn't going to change.  Never that the story was true...just that it wasn't going to change.

With him I have learned this means I am NOT getting the truth, but he will not budge.

He was also pulled over because I didn't tell him his tail lights were out.  Who cares that I didn't know they weren't out.  I should have known.  "I own the car."

I told him I would take some vacation time to go with him to get them fixed.  No...he'll fix them himself, besides "all I care about is the car anyway".


We ended on a neutral note.  These days that is kind of the best I can hope for.

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