Today I asked the therapists what they thought was going on with Younger Boy when he goes to see his mentor.

They told me about an interesting study that was done on attachment.  It had to do with toddlers and crawlers.  They research had the kiddos in a room with their primary caregiver.  The caregiver left the room and a stranger came in.  The stranger then left the room.  Then the primary caregiver returned.

Kids who have a healthy attachment run to their caregiver upon return.

There is another form of attachment where the child is ambivalent to the caregiver returning.  Doesn't even really acknowledge them at all.

A third form has them running to the caregiver, but in an aggressive manner often times hitting and biting the caregiver.

The last way (Disorganized Attachment) is quite interesting.  Those kiddos do kooky things when the caregiver returns.  Some of the infants crawled backward to the caregiver.  Some kids spun in circles.  Some kids lay on the floor.  Just all sorts of crazy things.

Therapist D and C wonder if this is maybe the kind of attachment Younger Boy has with me.  Disorganized attachment.  Doing crazy things.

Either that or in the words of Therapist C "he is just a stinker".
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