Today is Middle Boy's court hearing.  It is the adjudication on his offense against me and because we live in a state which goes overboard on truancy his "pre-trial" for truancy.

I am anticipating him getting off of house arrest, but the truancy thing is a wild card.

Here is the deal.  He NEVER skipped school.  I called every time he was absent.  He was ill a few times, in court a few times, and had therapy a few times all together adding up to make him truant.

We'll see what happens today.

I have to be honest.  I HATE house arrest.  It has been awful.  Not because it is a consequence for him, but it has really restricted what we were able to do this summer. 

I am selfishly praying for probation with no tracker.  There shouldn't be a need for a tracker, because the crime was against me...not the general public. 

Probation would allow us to have somewhat of a normal remainder of the summer.  Something we have yet to have in our family.

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