Today we went to meet with Middle Boy's new probation officer.  If we have to have a probation officer I guess we have really lucked out with the two we have had.

Probation Officer started off by trying to be a tough guy.  I think it is mostly to emphasize he is the one in charge.

In the end during our personal interviews he was incredibly cordial and kind to me. 

Middle Boy ended up liking him as well.  He was put off in the beginning when Probation Officer told him that he was in charge and could remove him from our home if Middle Boy couldn't control himself and his anger here.

Middle Boy didn't think it could happen once he was adopted.  I think he thought he could behave however he wanted to and have no consequence.

We won't start meeting regularly with Probation Officer until Middle Boy is off of house arrest so it is going to be another month or so.
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