Today was the dreaded high school registration, fee payment, and schedule pick-up.

At Middle Boy's school you have an assigned time, but that doesn't stop you from having to wait in line for a couple of hours.

We got to the front of the line.

First we paid a fee for not turning in his tie for ROTC.  He swears he did.  Not much we can do about it.  Okay...$5.00.

Then we went to the health table.  Turned in our form.

Then the parking permit.  Yes, we would love to pay $20 to park a car in the school lot.

Then we skipped the yearbook table.  No interest there.

Off to the activity card table.  Good-bye $35.00.  Will he even go to that many events?  I doubt it.

Next, school pictures.  Not horrible, not great.  He doesn't want to buy them.

Pick up the activity card with the not so good school picture on it.

Last, but not least the schedule.

All I can say is, "Seriously".

He is enrolled in two things there are NO WAY that they were on his list of desired classes.  The first is ROTC 3.  He requested PE.  The second is CAD 3/4.  Since he failed CAD 2 I fail to see the logic in this.

Guidance counselors aren't back for a few days so until then I can't do much about it and he will be mad about it.

I love back to school!!
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