Younger Boy slept the majority of the way through both hours of therapy.  Therapist C was really on his case about it.  She told him he has one more chance and then she will change his therapy time.

Therapist D had an MSE scheduled for him this morning.  MSE is a mental status exam that they have to do in order for him to continue therapy.

He "answered" a few of the questions.

What makes you sad?  "When my friend's families are sick."

What makes you happy?  "When I am by myself or when I am with other people."

What makes you scared?  "When people die."

There is no way he is going to remember these answers.  Therapist D and I just looked at each other trying not to burst out laughing and mouthing "what on earth?" the entire time.

Clearly he was not with it.

We have been talking about personal hygiene now for MONTHS with him.  He REFUSES to shower.  Today we decided I will no longer remind him.  He is almost thirteen years old and he knows he is supposed to shower.  Last week he went six days without showering.  His therapists said he will eventually when people start to tell him he smells and that peer pressure will work wonders.

These are basic daily skills...sleeping and showering.  They are getting worse and not better and it sucks!!
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