Things have just been busy and crazy and mostly good around our house.

Here are a few highlights for everyone (things that probably would have gotten their own post):

Younger Boy

  1. Struggling with spaciness.  His therapist thinks he just has a "bag of tricks" from which he draws in order to keep himself in a victim role.  We are going to work on it.
  2. Two baseball games were rained out and they played one which his team won 8 - 3.
  3. He spent a fun-filled week with Southern Belle and her dad.  They jumped on trampolines, swam at a water park and went to a movie.  He had a blast.
  4. K and J took him as part of their family to a family picnic and also a meet and greet for one of the College World Series teams.  Again, he had a blast.

Middle Boy

  1. Had a meltdown one night and removed everything from him room and told me that I could have it all, because he isn't going to rely on me anymore and he would just start paying for things himself.
  2. Started going to church again, because house arrest allows it after four weeks.  He has been there three times now.
  3. Celebrated his 16th birthday.
  4. He is starting to trust me...a little bit.  Yesterday he even admitted that he thought I was wrong about him being anxious and then realized I was right.
  5. Interviewed for a JOB and will find out by the end of the week if he got it. 
  6. Showed AMAZING empathy when his mentor's mother-in-law passed away.  I was super proud of him.


  1. Starting to work full-time during the day.
  2. Still living with us, but talking with his parents about what to do in the fall since we live really far across town from where he goes to school.
  3. Being pretty helpful, especially with Younger Boy.

Max and Sophie

  1. Max has a hereditary skin condition which if left untreated can cause complete hair loss and immune deficiencies.  He is getting special skin treatments at the vet's office every other week.
  2. Max is up to 30 15 weeks.
  3. Sophie tolerates Max, but not if he is anywhere near me.
  4. I am the pack leader for both of them and if I am home they are within inches of me....mostly tripping me if I am trying to walk.
  5. Both are "excited", but they don't know it yet that we are getting a fence for our back yard in the next couple of weeks.


  1. Sleeping a million times better since the sleep study remedies.
  2. Crazy busy at home with a list of a million things to get done.
  3. Even busier at work.  Out of the office a lot with my newer job responsibilities and trying to figure out my travel schedule for July and August so I am not gone EVERY WEEK.
  4. Working on camp "stuff".  Feeling guilty, because a lot of the activity center stuff is NOT DONE.

That's us in a nutshell right now.  Pray for life to calm down a little and for peace.

Back to daily blogging...tomorrow.

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