Tonight Younger Boy is in BIG TROUBLE with Middle Boy.

They were hanging out in Middle Boy's room and for whatever reason Younger Boy decided to try out Middle Boy's new cologne.

Try out is a loose term, because he liberally applied HALF OF THE BOTTLE to his body.  Middle Boy's room smells like a cologne FACTORY.

As soon as he came downstairs I got a headache and Middle Boy was upstairs vomiting.

Younger Boy says he didn't use it.  What?  We aren't CRAZY!!

He was FURIOUS with me when I told him he had to go shower IMMEDIATELY.

When he was finished I asked him if he had a solution to getting the smell out of the house.  First he said open all of the windows.  Nope, not viable, because it is ninety degrees outside.

His second option...he will just move out.  Ridiculous.
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