I dislike the 4th of July...a lot.

Not the independence it represents nor the service and sacrifice people made for our country.  I am ALL for that.

The fireworks.  Hate them.  Think they are a colossal waste of money and do not want them anywhere near my home.

I like to watch a large organized show.  That's fine.

My boys, on the other hand, live at the other end of the spectrum.  They would blow things up all day if someone would fund it.

This year I made them pay for the fireworks with their own money.  That hurt a little bit more.  They didn't want to spend nearly as much, but they did find it convenient to complain about how little I spent.

At one point I offered to spend $10 for fireworks for them.  That was it.  Take it or leave it.  They decided it wasn't worth it. more fireworks last night.

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