We have had a lot of general craziness at our house.

Younger Boy ended up spraining his MCL and is still in a knee brace.  He was on crutches for about three weeks.

Middle Boy got off of house arrest on September 16th.  He went immediately on probation.  The terms of his probation are this:
  1. Attend school on a regular basis without absences or tardies.
  2. Work to potential in school.  If C's are not maintained in classes a tutor will be hired by probation to get him caught up.
  3. Write me a letter of apology.
  4. Participate in one church or school activity per week.  Minimum.
  5. Follow all house rules.
  6. Be respectful of me at all times.
  7. Twenty-five hours of community service.
He hadn't even been assigned a probation officer yet when he got a speeding ticket....a probation violation.  He was pretty upset with himself and that made for a really MISERABLE weekend for all of us.

Younger Boy has become obsessed with fire.  He started a fire in our garage and on the lawn at school.  He is getting enrolled in a "Preventing Arson in Youth" class.  The biggest lie of his life with me was a part of this.  I have honestly never been so disappointed in him.

School is not going well for either boy.  Middle Boy is flat out not doing ANYTHING.  Younger Boy is hiding his homework papers.

Younger Boy is sleeping in two classes regularly.  Chorus and Pre-Algebra.  I had to meet with both teachers to figure out a strategy for keeping him from "sleeping".  He is actually dissociating, but no one at his school seems to be able to tell the difference.

Keep praying for us.  We continue to need them.
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