Here's the story...

Younger Boy was riding his bike home from a friends.  He thought he heard the chain coming off of his bike so he looked down to see what was wrong.  He looked up just in time to see himself run straight on into a light pole.

He was thrown from the bike and landed on his head.  Thank God for his bike helmet and the discipline to wear it.

At the same time he scraped all of the skin off of his forearm and elbow, jammed his finger and hurt his leg/knee.

By the time we arrived at the office his knee was double in size.

So...we are home with the following diagnoses...scraped forearm and elbow heavily bandaged and not to get wet, possible concussion, jammed middle and ring finger, and likely broken leg.  They wrapped it and referred us to an orthopedic office for tomorrow.

If it turns out to be a break it is NOT in a good location.  It crosses the growth plate in the lower part of his right leg.  Thus the need for orthopedics.

I'll be honest...when they were describing the symptoms of a concussion it didn't sound much different than Younger Boy's "regular" behavior....saying things that make no sense and not following was hard not to say that he must live in a continual state of concussion.

Prayers for our evening, overnight and the doctor visit tomorrow.

Praises for the kind stranger who stopped to help him.  He consoled him, carried him to the truck, put his bike in the back and drove him home.  There are still kind people out there.
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