Therapist C and Therapist D are at a loss.

Last week's homework for Younger Boy's therapy was to write down EVERY occasion when he completed a task from start to finish without distractions and did the task as asked.  We are talking about things like "take this bag of trash to the garage" and "set the table".

They were shocked he got ZERO.  We tried to do the homework.  We talked about it EVERY DAY.  They have NEVER had a child get ZERO.

He claimed that he cared.  They told him they didn't agree, because if he cared he would have stepped it up when he realized he had zero on Friday or Saturday. 

They always search for the "thought that is getting in the way".  They named five or six.  He said none of them were true.  The finally told him it looks like either "I'm not going to do what anyone says," or "I am going to do this my way, because you can't tell me what to do."  He says those are wrong.  The weird part is that he starts every task almost immediately.  It falls apart part way through.

Two examples from last week:

I asked him to take some trash out to the garage.  He got up and grabbed the trash.  After 10 minutes I still hadn't seen him.  I went out to the garage.  The trash was on the roof of the car.  He had his football mouthpiece in and was climbing up to the roof.  Why?  He didn't know.

I asked him to set the table.  He got plates and table knives on the table and INSISTED he was done.  Spoons?  Insisted they were there when clearly they weren't.  Forks?  Same story as spoons.

This makes me CRAZY. 

After today's therapy session they told me they are going to make some calls, because something else must be going on.  He is digressing instead of progressing.

We all recognize the progress we have made over the past year and we are certainly going to continue, but there is something we are missing and it has to do with dissociation.  They think he is dissociated almost 100% of the time.  Sometimes it is obvious and others not as much, but still not fully present.

They are going to contact a neuro feedback professional and a nutritional therapist to see what they think.  They are far more able to clinically describe how we live than I am.

Prayers for a solution.  In his current state he would struggle to hold down a job and be a productive adult in society which is the end in mind goal.

Prayers for wisdom and discernment in how to deal with his current status on a daily basis.
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