This weekend I went to my parent's home for a visit and to help with reunion planning.

It had been a long week.  Friday started with a call from the sheriff's department at 3:45 looking for Will and one of his friends.  They had been pulled over earlier and the car searched.  Drug paraphernalia was found in the car.  The officer wanted to talk to them again, but they were evading him.

Of course Will took ZERO accountability for this.  His favorite thing to say that everything is "supposedly".  I couldn't decide if I should leave for the weekend.  But I was so frustrated and angry.

Will has been suspended all week for smoking pot at school.  He had tasks he was supposed to do each day, but he is very defiant these days and didn't do any of them.  Not a one.  He swore he would get the tasks done while I was gone.  WRONG....not one thing got done...NOT ONE.

He stole money from me this weekend and was manipulative and deceitful.  Thought disorder or sociopath?  How do we know?
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