I have a new project at work for a rehabilitation facility here in town.

On the way to our meeting I was telling my co-worker that a friend of mine was a resident there after a "freak" medical accident.

As we walked in the front door the third person I saw was my friend, JK.  He was just getting out of occupational therapy.  I stopped his transport and talked to him.  He has trouble with eye sight right now.  I introduced myself and he was excited to chat.  He had been making trail mix in therapy and was telling me they "didn't let him" put M&Ms in his.  His OT laughed and said, "so you didn't get ANY M&Ms?"  He finally confessed maybe he had eaten them all while making the trail mix.

He invited me to come and visit any time and gave me his room information.

So good to see this kid.  He is often on my heart and mind.

I'm going to take him up on his offer to visit soon.
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