Middle Boy had therapy tonight.  It sucked.  He was angry and doing his best to be checked out.  He couldn't understand why I am frustrated with the suspension thing.  He didn't get that while it happened a month or so ago I found out today.  In his mind I should be over it.

He was belligerent and more than once Therapist A had to tell him he was out of line.  This is his mode of operation.  If he is in trouble he becomes belligerent and hurtful.

While we were doing therapy Younger Boy took it on himself to spray powder spray on ALL OF THE WALLS in the laundry room.  Why?  He doesn't know. Just felt like it he guesses.

Therapist A sent the boys outside and we talked.  She reassured me that what I am doing is making a difference and that these boys are hard and that she knows it feels lonely and like no one gets it.  That made a difference to me.  I am constantly in an uphill battle and the people who live in my home are an ungrateful lot.

Take deeps breaths...those were her parting words.  Take deep breaths.
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