Middle Boy writes music.  It is his escape.  Honestly...he is pretty good.

I get frustrated by the amount of time he wastes spends on it.  But it is currently his passion.

His tastes have changed since he moved in.  He used to be an "explicit lyric" rap kinda guy.  Now his favorites are country and some contemporary christian.  He points out his favorites every now and then and I actually know some of them!!

He is working on his fifth or sixth CD.  The title track of the current one is White Fog.

Amazing song.  I am going to try to get his permission to post it here.  It is about how he gets into a fog and believes things about himself he knows aren't true.  Its how this fog overcomes him and how he fights to get control while keeping his eyes on the light.  It is deep.

More than being good at music the kid is an AMAZING writer.

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