In my opinion education isn't something to be taken lightly.  Relationship with God and education...paramount.

Middle Boy doesn't agree about the education piece.  It makes me angry.  I feel like he is short sighted.  No matter what I say he doesn't seem to get that what he is doing now is LITERALLY affecting the remainder of his life.

A term of his probation is to "work to his ability" in school.  Pretty subjective, but I know what he is doing is NOT IT.

Seven classes and a study hall.  Finals the next two days.  Four classes which could go either way...pass or don't pass.  One class that there is no need to bother with the final, because he has a 2% in the class.  Yup...TWO PERCENT.

Why are the grades like this...APATHY.  No work turned in.  Tests turned in with NO ANSWERS written on them...COMPLETELY BLANK.

He is working with a tutor and he doesn't bring the right things home.

At this pace he WILL NOT graduate from high school and college is NOT an option. 

He jokes about it and thinks it is funny.  My offers of help to study are blown off.

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