Middle Boy has had some breakthroughs in the past couple of weeks.

The enraged episodes are coming far less frequently these days and I have become more attuned to their triggers.  Most often it is due to fear of some kind.

In fact a whole lot of his current behavior is driven by fear.

He was scared to drive in snow and he melted down.  Mad that I hadn't taught him.  Never mind that it hadn't snowed yet and there hadn't been an opportunity.  It was supposed to snow the next day and I had been delinquent in my parenting.  It spiraled from there.

Just this week we figured out school is such a struggle, because he is AFRAID to graduate.  In his mind it triggers a whole series of events which includes leaving home.  Just this week he admitted the thought of EVER having to leave my home terrifies him.  That is big on so many levels.  In a weird way I wanted to cry tears of joy.

We are working on knowing it is okay to be successful.

The coolest thing though is he is DISCHARGED from regular therapy and is now on an "as needed" basis.  He is so excited about this.  He has been in therapy of some sort for TEN YEARS.

I'm proud of him.  He is trying...really hard.

Praises for the therapeutic discharge letter.  Prayers for continued healing.
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