What on earth does someone do to get fired from McDonalds on their second day?

For the last couple of weeks Will and Cody have been talking all about how Cody has this job at McDonalds.  Cody has described what he has been doing there.  Sunday night he even told me that he had to work at 6am on Monday and this morning he texted me at 11am to tell me he was home from work for the day.

This evening I found out that Cody is not employed and hasn't been for a while.

Why all of the acting?  Why the deceit? 

I asked both boys why they had been telling me he had a job.  "They don't want me to think he can't pay me rent."  Clearly lying is better than causing me to have "financial worries".

Some of the discussion about jobs was when I was discussing the need for honesty in our home.

Oh the irony!!
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