Mom and Dad J did respite for Older Boy the entire weekend.  Part of what they were going to do was get him caught up on his homework.  They called a couple of times over the course of the weekend so I could email teachers with questions.
I got to their house to pick up Older Boy and asked him to get his backpack so I could look at his homework.  He immediately started screaming at me that only his teacher needed to see his work.  Both Mom J and I knew immediately that this meant he had been hiding some part of his homework.  As it turns out he hid a final test and other language arts worksheets.  He threw a fit about not having the book to work on.  We did textbook online for him.  He screamed about how we weren’t fair, didn’t ever listen to him and didn’t trust him. 
We set a timer with double the amount of time we thought it would take him to get the work done and told him it needed to be done in that timeframe.  Both of us left the room.  Mom J went back in and he had put the worksheets in his backpack and told her they were “finished”.  She asked to see them and he again said only his teacher needs to see his finished work.  She took the worksheet out of his backpack to find he hadn’t written a single word on it…not even his name.  When she questioned him he said that he had done the worksheet, but decided to erase all of the answers.  She asked where the eraser marks were and he couldn’t answer.
While she brought the worksheet to show both me and Dad J Older Boy ran away.  We had to search for him for about 20 minutes before we were able to locate him.  He claims that he didn’t know he shouldn’t leave without permission and never heard anyone yelling for him.
The other boys were playing football.  Older Boy was REALLY ANGRY that he couldn’t have the privilege of playing football.  He screamed and jumped up and down about needing another chance and about how Mom J and I were rude and never listened. 
Dad J had a discussion with him about character and about respect.
Praises for the help of Mom and Dad J.  They didn’t have to spend the weekend helping him with homework or trying to get through it.  I can’t even express how helpful it was to me.
Prayers that one day Older Boy will realize that everyone in the world isn’t against him.
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