Younger Boy got two homework slashes the DAY AFTER we had a huge talk with him.  Mentor R and I talked to him about the importance of taking care of your responsibilities and the very next day he doesn’t turn in his homework.  I don’t even know what to say.
Tonight he needed to read an entire book out loud to me.  That wasn’t the assignment.  He was supposed to be reading a chapter a day to me since last week, but he didn’t and now the pressure is on.  I explained he needed to get started, because I had therapy with Middle Boy.  He ended up reading to me for an hour and twenty minutes.
He also had math homework and the book report from last week to get done.  The book report MUST be done by Thursday morning.  No questions.  He wanted to do it Wednesday night.  I explained we had youth group on Wednesday and there was absolutely no reason he couldn’t do it tonight.  That did not make him happy.  He ripped up the instructions for the book report and said that living in my home is crap.
Back to math.  He wanted to work on it in his room.  He worked on it in the kitchen otherwise it just takes WAY TOO LONG.  He was not happy about that.
Back to the book report.  It is going to take a long time, because he hasn’t even read the book yet.  He did sit quietly and read the book.  At least as quietly as you can when Older Boy is home.  I’m not convinced the book he read meets the criteria.  He ripped it up so I can’t really tell. 
I went to the basement to help Middle Boy research science fair projects and Younger Boy was supposed to be working on the book report.  He did NOT start it.  I had him go to bed…way past his bedtime.
Prayers for understanding the importance of education.  Prayers for willingness to fulfill responsibilities.  Prayers for finishing tasks and taking them seriously.
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