Today I got a call I wasn't prepared for.

It was Younger Boy's biological mom, T.  She is in town, because her father is dying.  He is in the hospital on life support and they are waiting for family to get here to say good-bye and then they are going to remove his life support.

That means Older Sister is coming to town. 

Here is the we let Younger Boy go and say good-bye to his biological grandpa.  He lived with them for a period of time after being removed from the home.  The amount of time seems to be in question, but definitely a period of time.  He talks about this grandpa.

Calls to his therapist.  Calls to Mom and Dad J.  We all want to do the right thing, but what exactly is that.  It's complicated.  Older Brother would need state approval to go.  That would be on therapist recommendation.  There are so many variables they don't know what to tell us to do.  We did decide we are either all in or all out.  Some can't go while others don't.

Silver lining...Older Sister is an adult.  She'll be here for a few weeks.  She is willing to do family therapy with the kids and hopefully fill in some gaps and make sense of some of the pieces since she was older.

Prayers for wisdom for all of us.  Prayers for a decision that is the healthiest for everyone involved.
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