Today I got a message from Middle Boy's older biological sister.  All of the siblings are going to be in town on Friday and they would love to see Middle Boy if we can make it work out.

Oh my....I am a wreck.  Can I even handle this and help both boys process simultaneously?

I called her and we chatted some about it.

There are four of them.  We met the oldest sister about a year and a half ago.  This is the younger sister and she lives in Texas with her husband.  There are two brothers.  The youngest of the siblings is nineteen with the exception of Middle Boy.  They all grew up with their biological father who is not the same man as Middle Boy's father.  Their life was more stable.

I decided we should do it.  I know Middle Boy will be excited to see them, but there will be big feelings and behaviors.  He recognizes them in Younger Boy, but does not see himself doing it.  I pray they won't be there, but they will. reunion at our house on Friday night.  Middle Boy's siblings on his mother's side.

Prayers for him and his feelings surrounding the visit.
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