Younger Boy spends a lot of time "spaced out".  A more than 90% of his time "not in the present".

Today at therapy we talked about it.  Therapist C asked him some questions he should know the answer to.  He doesn't even stop to think about the answers.  He sits there. he too lazy or can't be bothered with questions?  Does he just want to think about "nothing"?

The therapeutic team think he has used this dissociation as a way to keep himself from having to think about painful memories and feelings.

We made a list of pros and cons to thinking and being in the present.  I don't think he agrees that the present is where he should live.

Somehow we have to get him to engage.  The therapists want to try a session with Older Brother and Younger Sister since they are both engaging in therapy.  Maybe it will jolt his memories and maybe it will show him it is okay to share them and deal with them.

Prayers for wisdom in the best therapeutic avenue for him.
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