Mom J called.  They are going to tell the kids tonight about Older Sisters pending visit and Grandpa being removed from life support tomorrow.  She wanted me to know so we could coordinate and manage the kids communication and they all knew the same things.

About an hour later she called back.  It went like they pretty much expected it would with one exception.  They first told the kids Older Sister was going to be in town and that they would get to see her.  They explained it would happen at the therapists office in case there were big feelings.  They explained we would also be working on the timeline.  They were excited...except the timeline part.

Then they told them about Grandpa.  They were very sad...sobbing.  They talked through it.  They told them we weren't going to see him, because it was better to remember the good memories than the scary hospital stuff.  They understood and didn't question it.

A while after they had gone there separate ways Older Boy came back to them and told them he needed help with a big feeling.  This is a HUGE step for any of them.  He said he had been thinking and he can't stop thinking about how he wishes it was T who was dead.  They weren't ready for that, but did the best they could through it.

Prayers for those little hearts.
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