We are still working to figure out what the best thing to do is for the kids.  How do we tell them?  What choices do we give them?  How will they handle it?

In the meantime I decided to meet Bio Mom, T.  I called her and asked if she would be willing to meet.

We decided we would meet at the hospital over my lunch hour since that is where she is spending her time and it is right near my office.

Before the meeting I sent out a prayer request for grace and understanding.  For wisdom.

We met.  I actually met T, Bio Grandma, and went in the room to see Bio Grandpa.

I don't have the words to describe this meeting.  I have always been angry at her for a laundry list of reasons.  Not a level of rage, but angry.  Disappointed in her, because she didn't protect the kids.

While I am still thinking about it and processing it I think mostly I left there feeling sorry for her.  She kept talking about how she raised five kids.  That makes me sad she thinks that.  She didn't raise five kids.  She birthed five kids.  She kept telling me she couldn't believe that Older Boy just turned 16 last week.  I didn't correct her, but he turned 17.

After going there Grandpa is not in any state that the kids should remember him in.  If is pretty clear he should be remembered as they remember him in their memories.

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