Younger Boy had a med check today.

For weeks he has been trying to scheme his way out of taking his sleeping meds.  We talk about it at therapy.  Is it immoral?  Is it illegal?  Does it make you feel sick?  Does it do what it is intended to do?  Is it unsafe?  He just doesn't like to take them.

He told Psychiatrist he doesn't like to take them, because they make him sleep.  Her answer was simple, "Take the meds."  No argument....nothing.

She asked him about school.  Mostly to find out how the ADHD med is working.  The last time we were there we had just been to conferences when all of his teachers said he didn't use his time wisely.  He told her he was on the honor roll for first quarter.  She caught that and asked about second quarter.  He admitted he hadn't done well, because he wasn't doing his work.

She told him it is a shame that he isn't using his thinking ability.  She explained to him that if you do not continue learning throughout life you will start to digress.  She told him she thought eighth grade was awfully early to begin the digression.  Then she said...the next time I see you I expect you to be on the honor roll, because you are a smart boy.

Thank you, Dr. S.  While I don't always love you as a doctor, I do appreciate you.
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