Denise's how it started.

I first talked to Middle Boy about his sibling visit.  He is cautiously excited.  I reminded him his siblings are all adults.  They aren't the kids he remembers from seven to nine years ago when he last saw most of them.

Then I talked to him a little bit about what is going on in Younger Boy's biological family.  I told him first partially so that he would be more tolerant of the inevitable behaviors and partially because I knew Younger Boy would go to him and I wanted him to think about it.  He had some interesting perspectives.  His grandma died when he was in foster care and no one told him until weeks later. 

So here's how it went...

First I told Younger Boy that Middle Boy's siblings would be at our house on Friday.  Middle Boy is excited for them to meet him and that makes him happy that they are brothers.

Then I told him Older Sister was going to be in town for the next few weeks and he was going to get to see her.  I told him about the therapy and that he needed to participate.  How he had to do his part.  He was visibly excited. 

I then told him the reason she was in town was a sad one.  I told him about Grandpa.  He was stoic.  Almost emotionless.

I asked how he was feeling and then the tears started falling.  Middle Boy stepped in and said "it's okay to cry".  That opened the flood gates.  We talked about all of his memories of Grandpa.

He asked if he could see him.  I asked him if he thought he was ready for that.  He wanted to think about it.  We talked about how maybe the good memories would be the way to go.

Prayers for our next few days.  That they be days of healing and days of grace.
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