This morning we met with Middle Boy's attorney.

I has asked him if he wanted me to be involved since I am the victim and I didn't want it in any way to seem like I may be influencing his decision.

He asked me to please sit in the meeting.

He has two charges against him.  One for the damage to the house and a second for shoving Younger Boy out of his way.

County Attorney has offered that she will drop one of the charges if he pleads guilty to the other.

We discussed which one makes more sense to drop.  Attorney N's advice was to always drop the charge against another person if you can.  While the property damage at our house was extensive it still has less ramifications than a crime against a person.

The process will go like this from here forward.

Next Tuesday she will waive his right to a trial on his behalf.  There is no reason to drag out the whole process.  At that time she will request he be removed from house arrest, but it is a long shot.

Four weeks following that he will plead guilty to destruction of property.  At this time we he should be able to get off of house arrest since it will have been nine weeks and the standard length is eight to twelve weeks.

Six weeks after the plea will be his adjudication hearing.  If it was adult court it would be sentencing.  Attorney N is certain he will be put on probation and ordered to complete anger management therapy.
She thinks they may order a psychiatric evaluation, but she said she is going to object since there are more than 10 of them in his file. 

All in all it was a good meeting.  Most likely the best possible scenario...other than him not destroying the house.

Prayers for a smooth and timely process.
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