About an hour before the pre-trial hearing was scheduled to occur the county attorney's office called me.  The person who called was assisting the county attorney on the case.

Since I am the victim in the case they asked me what I hoped the outcome would be.

I said ideally the charges would be dropped, but that he be required to attend anger management therapy.  If there needed to be charges for that to occur I was okay with that, but I wanted the house arrest to be over.

I also told her that I made this clear to the intake officer for juvenile court the day of the original sentencing.  He told me he had contacted their office and it was not possible to drop the charges.

Honestly the house arrest is more of a pain for me than it is for Middle Boy.  Sure it is inconvenient for him, but for me...a nightmare.  As the victim it is frustrating, because I am "still paying" for the entire thing.

She told me she understood my position on the whole thing and would relay the information to the attorney on case.  She thought what I was asking was reasonable.

I'm not sure what to make of the entire thing.

Prayers there is a positive outcome, learning, and healing from all of this.

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