We haven't been getting through to Younger Boy's true emotions in therapy.

Today we were talking about how he felt toward his biological father.

Therapist D had him pretend his dad was in the room and asked him to say what he needed to say to him since he told us he is angry with him.

What happened next was quite interesting.  Therapist D told him to tell his dad how angry he is and how much he hurt him.  Younger Boy couldn't do it.  He actually said, "I can't, because I don't feel those feelings."


Therapist D told him he has to feel them.  Then she asked me to tell his dad what I thought.  I think Younger Boy was surprised that I was angry at him, but I actually am.  I think it stinks what happened to Younger Boy and his siblings and I hate the way that it has forced them to live and view life.

Therapist D also talked with biological dad.  She, too, was angry and that Younger Boy is lovable and deserves to be safe.

Then we role played.  She had him go back to his major trauma which landed him in the hospital.  She had him sit on my lap and had me be his mom at that time.

I had him squeeze my hand when he was scared or in pain.  He literally cut off the blood flow to my hand.

It was fascinating...and hopefully healing.
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