I was interviewed for the HOME program...also referred to as house arrest.

It is strict.  Crazy strict, but still better than him being incarcerated.

For the first four weeks he is only allowed to leave our home for school, therapy, and medical appointments.  He can't go outside of our house at all except to do yard work and then only for two hours at a time and I have to be in direct supervision.  I also have to call 30 minutes before he starts and when he is done.

His ankle monitor has to be covered at all times in public.

He can't have any visitors.  The rest of us can, but no one can be there specifically to see him.

If he has had good behavior for those four weeks then he can start going to one church service per week, but we have to provide written notice 48 hours in advance.

After eight weeks he can have one four-hour outing with the family, but we have to provide receipts from everywhere we went.  If we go out to eat the restaurant can't serve alcohol and the outing has to be between 9am and 9pm.

After twelve weeks he can have two four-hour outings per week, but also only with the family.

This will continue until his court hearing which hasn't been scheduled yet.

Prayers for cooperation and him to understand the importance of this.
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  1. Unknown Says:

    I know many political persona who are guilty of many cases and because they are old, they are subjected to house arrest.

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