A couple of weeks ago my cardiologist ordered a sleep study.

Tonight is the night.

I honestly don't feel like I have had a full night of sleep in YEARS.  I am exhausted all of the time.

I believe I probably have sleep apnea, but I am also pretty sure that I don't get into REM sleep.

I figured if nothing else maybe I would finally get a good night's sleep. to the center I went.  Boarder was home with the boys.

It was a peaceful experience.  The respiratory therapist was nothing short of amazing.

I stopped breathing enough in the first two hours to warrant them giving me a CPAP machine the rest of the night.  I had heard bad things, but my experience was good.  I woke up with more energy than I can remember EVER having.  During those two hours I never achieved REM sleep.

I'm willing to do anything to get some rest.

I am thankful for the science behind this and my doctor listened to the fact that I was exhausted.

Now to just hear the outcome of the test.

Prayers for future good sleep.  I can't wait!!
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