Younger Boy's psychiatrist is CRANKY.

There is really no other way to describe her.  Some might say abrupt or to the point, but really it is CRANKY.

Today I told her that while the sleeping meds are working there is now a problem with anxiety and depression.  At our last visit she had taken him off of his anxiety/antidepressant, because it was combined with a sleeping med.

So this month she wanted to take him off the sleeping med and put him BACK on the old med.

NO.  We changed from that because it was NOT helping with sleep.  NOT ONE BIT.

She said to me, "he is taking a lot of meds".  Yes, I am aware of that.  I wish he was taking none, but I challenge you to live with him for a month without them and see what you think.

He takes four...five if you count the one for seasonal allergies.

His therapists wanted me to inquire about a sleep study.  You would have thought I asked her to do a mercy killing.  She flipped out.

Ok...mental note...never ask her about anything again.
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