I am so frustrated right now I just want to cry.

Middle Boy had court yesterday.  We were not required to attend, because it was a pre-trial hearing.

So...Middle Boy's attorney gets to court and the actual county attorney on the case is there.  She tells Judge T that I had called their office and asked that the charges be dropped.  She was livid.  Of course, Middle Boy's attorney couldn't say much.

The county attorney was going on and on about how if the charges are dropped she will have false reporting charges filed against me and have Younger Boy removed from our home, because he isn't "safe" there.

At that point Middle Boy's attorney lost it.  She asked when it became the county attorney's office policy to prosecute the victim of a crime.

I explained the Middle Boy's attorney this afternoon that one the night they transported Middle Boy they told me they "had to" because of the amount of damage and that when I originally called juvenile court the first morning I asked about charges being dropped.  Not the county attorney's office.  Juvenile court.

They called me yesterday.  I have not ever called them.

My head might literally explode right now.

Pray the resolution to this whole thing glorifies God and is in the best interest of our family.
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