While I was getting my haircut Coach Z called.  Did I want to go visit our mutual camp friend in the hospital?

Yes...I do.

She and another friend had been earlier in the week after we had received "reports/stories" that he was in bad shape.

While he is not good.  He is improving.  A true miracle.

He is 24 years old.  He had an extra electrode on his heart that went haywire and he lost all body functions.  He didn't receive help immediately.

However...HE IS IMPROVING.  He is getting stronger and has his "normal" sense of humor.

He is hard to understand, because his vocal cords are weak from a ventilator.  At one point he tried MULTIPLE times to tell us he wanted to eat some fudge.  When we finally figured it out he was thrilled.  He can't have fudge, because of his feeding tube, but that is his sense of humor.

I am looking forward to going to see him again.  This kid is like a little brother to me in a weird...hardly ever talk kind of way.

Camp does that to you.

Prayers for you, Friend!!  See you in a week or so!!
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