Tonight part of the filming was interviews with the members of our family.  Boarder included.

They did my interview in the main living room after a complete rearrangment.  Younger Boy's interview was in his room.  He freaked out, because they wanted to film it there and it is a MESS.  I have been telling him that you never know when someone is going to want to see your room and now all of Japan will know that he stores trash under the bed.

My interview went fairly well, but there were three questions that I didn't expect and that were HARD.

"How do I take care of myself?"

"Do I ever feel overwhelmed with raising these kids from hard places?"

"Do I love them?"

The last question was not hard to answer, but I was surprised by it.

The other two...epic failure.  Sounded like an idiot.

I asked them to please edit and make me sound articulate.  I don't know if it got lost in translation!!

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