This morning with Therapist C we discussed the dominoes of the running away episode on Friday night.

She had Younger Boy write down every single step of the evening as it occurred.

At this center they like to compare the behaviors to dominoes and show the kiddos that at multiple points along the way they could pull a domino (change the behavior) that will modify the final outcome.

Once he completed his chain of events and I added in some details he realized that there were SEVEN times a domino could have been pulled and he likely would not have run away and ended up in the back of a sheriff's car.

Therapist C told him in life there are always a couple and that seven is a lot of chances to turn it around, but that that he has to get in control of his thoughts for it to happen.

I think he understood, but as with a lot of sessions he says the words, but his actions don't follow.

Prayers he will learn to control his impulsivity and stop to think.
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