Middle Boy had therapy tonight with Therapist L.  On the way there he told me that he stayed up all night thinking about what he needs to do to "fix" his anger issues.

He wanted to meet with her first and then he was going to discuss them with me.

When he left therapy he was pretty gung ho about his "plan".

My perspective on the plan is this.  Everyone around him should be on pins and needles and just not make him mad.  When he starts to get mad he wants us to use a code word and he will try to calm down.  He went on and on about how I needed to do my part.

When I tried to ask questions about "the plan" I was met with irritation and was told "You are not even trying.  This is what I am talking about."

Luckily we are meeting together with Therapist L next Thursday, because "the plan" as it sits is only modifying the behaviors of everyone else in the house and I'm relatively certain that is not the intent.
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