Younger Boy's therapy center is internationally known in the field of trauma therapy and the use of EMDR.

As a result that sometimes brings about some interesting opportunities to help others.

Yesterday afternoon Therapist C contacted me to ask if it was okay if a news crew filmed our family sessions.  This news crew is doing a news story alternative and progressive therapies in the field of trauma which are being used in the United States.  The film crew is from Japan.  They were described to me as being a cross between CNN and 60 Minutes.

So...we are going to be filmed this morning during therapy and then our story will be shared as part of their series on therapeutic approaches in the US.

I have been told we should be able to receive a copy of the finished product.  Younger Boy is looking forward to hearing himself in Japanese.

When I told him about the film crew he was not excited about it at first, but I presented it like this.  Maybe all of the things that have happened to you in your life have happened just so you could do help kids in Japan.  We won't know until we get to heaven if that was why or not, but if God puts the opportunity to help others in front of us we should do our best to say yes.

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