I'm not going to lie.

Personal hygiene is a struggle with Younger Boy.  A big struggle.

He doesn't like to take care of himself.  This includes both showering and brushing his teeth.

It is now Saturday night.  The last time I DEFINITELY remember him showering was Tuesday.  Wednesday if you count the baptism.

He smells.

Tonight I convinced him to shower.  When he came back downstairs after the shower this is what he said, "Tonight I got in the shower and the water started hitting me.  All of a sudden there was this horrible smell.  I sniffed a few times and I realized it was coming off of me.  I stink."

I couldn't help but laugh.  Middle Boy immediately said, "I have been telling you that."

Hopefully this will cause a change in attitude about personal hygiene, because he does stink and the cologne cover up isn't cutting it anymore.

Praises for unexpected discoveries!!
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