One of the rules on the HOME program is that Middle Boy's ankle monitor will be covered at all times when he is in public.

He can wear shorts, but it has to be covered with a sock.

This morning he came downstairs to go to school with it uncovered.  He hasn't even been home TWELVE hours and he is testing the rules.

I refused to take him to school until he was either wearing pants or socks.  Don't care which one.

He kept "informing" me that it wasn't a "big deal".  Which kept making me angrier and angrier.

It is a big deal.  I realized my anger is being caused by the fact that I realize the seriousness of the consequences for breaking the rules and I want him to be at home.  For me it is fear-based and it is manifesting as anger.

I did my best to calmly explain to him that I will not debate the rules every day during this program.  He will follow them.  He signed a paper stating such and there will be no pushing the rules or bending the rules.  Following them to a tee.

I'm sure we will be having this discussion multiple times over the next few weeks, but now I know why it makes me so ANGRY.
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