Coach Z took a personal day from school to go to court with me.  I was glad to have her there.

We met Attorney in the lobby and she talked to me about the potential conflict of interest since I would be paying her and I am also the victim.  She thought it was an ethical question, but she was willing to represent him today.

When he came in the courtroom he was pretty stoic.  It was pretty obvious to me that he wanted to cry, but was really fighting it.

We talked.  I told him I didn't know what was going to happen.  I didn't know what they were going to do, but that it was probably not going to be good.

Judge J was fair.  He talked about the need for anger management and the need to have Middle Boy not be incarcerated, because that would delay his getting the help he needs. 

He appointed Attorney to the case as the public defender and that way there won't be a conflict of interest since I won't be paying her, but there will be continuity in the case.

He is being send home on house arrest.  It is strict, but still better than being incarcerated.

He is going to have to go to adjudication, but we don't know when that hearing is scheduled for.  He will be on house arrest until then.

Praises for Judge J who understands that incarceration isn't the answer.

Prayers for Younger Boy, because the events of last night scared him and flashed him back to his previous abuse and it isn't pretty.

Prayers for all of us in the upcoming weeks.  I am a mess emotionally.
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