Younger Boy is completely struggling right now with following directions.  Doesn't matter what the direction is.  He fiddles with things and does part of things and generally gets distracted.

We have really been working on this.  Boarder is helping a lot as well.  Any direction either of us gives is followed up with a lot more further instruction.

I am having to say things like "go get your shoes and socks on".  I have to follow it up with "what you are doing?"  "Where are you?"  "Only get your shoes and socks on."

I have to be honest.  It is really starting to be irritating, because it is getting worse and not better.

Therapist C said that maybe we are finally getting through to him and we are seeing the behaviors of a child from his age of "major trauma" which was about four.

I hope we can emotionally move on soon, because this makes me tired.
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